Solar Panel Installation Griffin

Paying Electricity Bills, Just Got Easier


Can you imagine saving at least $800 per month on electricity bills? Well Upgrade SAE could make this dream a reality! Upgrade SAE has been on a mission to provide smart Solar Panel Installation Griffin to every home and business in Griffin.

Solar Installation & Servicing

The Solar Panel Installation Griffin You Can Trust

The South Australian government has really embraced solar power in the last few years. Homes and businesses alike are installing it as soon as they can, with over 30% of all houses now equipped for clean energy generation! For example, check out this Adelaide airport terminal building – 4500 x 260-watt panels on its roof will provide plenty enough sun to keep those batteries charged while you wait at Baggage Claim–and who knows what else?

The shift to eco-friendly means is not only good for the environment—it’s also good for your wallet. After years of working with many homes in Griffin and its nearby neighbours, Upgrade SAE gained the trust of many for being one of the best in this industry.


Make the Switch and Save More on Solar Panel Installation Griffin

The choice to use solar power in your home becomes much clearer when you become more informed on how this can benefit the environment and save money.

At Upgrade SAE, we strive for positive change both within our communities as well as with customers’ homes by switching from traditional energy sources such as oil or coal-fired plants to sustainable and renewable energy readily accessible for every home in Griffin.


Choose the Smart Way with Upgrade SAE Solar Panel Installation in Griffin

We specialize in residential solar panels. Upgrade SAE looks into the orientation, size, and age of your roof to customize a design that optimizes production. Our highly trained technicians can do an energy audit before installation for your peace of mind when it comes time to buy or sell yours too.

As one of the premium solar panel installations in Griffin, Upgrade SAE wants you not only to be satisfied with our work but also proud of it. We offer an attractive and efficient solution for your home or business while maintaining modern aesthetics to increase curb appeal in today’s competitive market.


Enjoy Years of Solar Electricity Stress-Free

It can be frustrating to find your newly installed (and expensive) solar panels only to break down after a few months of use.

Not with us.

Upgrade SAE’s certified technicians have years of experience handling various solar panel installations for homes and commercial spaces. Most of the solar panels we offer are designed to last 30 years or more with warranties that match. Our service offerings will keep you at peak production so they can go on for more decades of electricity-generating goodness in the future.


Proudly Serving Griffin

The suburb of Griffin in the Moreton Bay Region is widely diverse, with both residential and agricultural land usage. 

Griffin was first named after the family who immigrated from Scotland. The name references their home country’s Griffin, a mystical animal with wings and legs. 

Recreational activities include fishing or boating on its northern shores alongside rivers, splitting off into the North Pine River towards Brisbane. In contrast, the South Pine river goes southwards past marshes where cane fields lie. 

The environmental centre Osprey House is located on the banks of the beautiful Pine River. It has displays that educate visitors about nature and habitats and give guests a clear view of native birds.

Dohles Rocks Road is a popular boat ramp and floating walkway. It is found on the north bank of the Pine River and is managed by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.