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Air-Conditioner Not Cooling As It Should?

Having an air conditioner that’s always making too much noise can be really annoying for anyone living in close quarters with you (trust us, there are days where all they do is growl).

It could be a technical glitch, or something could have gone wrong at some point during the installation.

Whatever the culprit is, everyone knows how frustratingly loud this grating, clicking, or grinding sound can get—especially with old units and worn-out fan blades that didn’t appropriately match during replacement.

Money shouldn’t be wasted on shoddy installations and inexpensive replacement parts.

As the local experienced Air Conditioning experts, our team has got your back!

Upgrade SAE has been serving Caboolture air conditioner installation, repairs, and maintenance for many years. Our HVAC technicians have catered to thousands of residents and businesses in the heart of Caboolture and its nearby locations.

Expect Only Excellent Results as We Keep Your Space Cool and Comfortable

Upgrade SAE installs the latest and most advanced air conditioning systems in Caboolture to suit your requirements. With a team of technicians with up-to-date training, equipment, skills, and extensive HVAC knowledge, rest assured that our specialists will have all the solutions to any air-conditioner problems you have.

At Upgrade SAE, we not only provide you with well-maintained units but also take into consideration how much space each system will require before you invest in one more piece of equipment for your home or commercial space.

We can help find out if there is room in existing spaces so that everything runs smoothly without the frustration of dealing with troublesome air -conditioner mishaps.

Air-Conditioner Units Done Right

Here in Upgrade SAE, we know each space we encounter requires unique design solutions. We will work with you to find out your needs and provide the right system at an affordable price.

As professional HVAC specialists, one of our top priorities is helping people make their homes or offices feel like personal spaces where they want to live, work, or relax.

Reliable AC supplier in Caboolture

Upgrade SAE has been a leading supplier of air conditioning brands for several years to Caboolture homes and commercial spaces. We offer unmatched customer service with unparalleled expertise to help you find the best that suits your needs at any budget.

 We are mindful of every detail when providing high-quality products tailored specifically towards meeting our client’s demands.

Ask the Trusted HVAC Experts in Town

Just let us know about your requirements, including what areas you wish to heat/cool, and how often you will use your unit/s and we will provide you with a thorough free quote. We take the weight of worrying in the decision making process off your shoulders and let our experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Proudly Serving Caboolture

Caboolture is a town and suburb in Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. At the 2016 census, the town of Caboolture had an estimated population of 67,460. It is located on the north side of the Caboolture River, which separates the town from Morayfield and Caboolture South.

Caboolture is an urban centre or satellite city approximately 44 kilometres north of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. Caboolture is now considered to be the northernmost urban area of the greater Brisbane metropolitan region within South East Queensland, and it marks the end of the Brisbane suburban commuter railway service along the North Coast railway line.

The urban extent of the town of Caboolture is not formally defined but is generally regarded as including the following suburbs:

Caboolture (as a suburb)
Caboolture South Morayfield (northern section, west of Bruce Highway)
Upper Caboolture